Jump! You Fuckers!


They will not jump, these people. They cannot easily accept that they are presiding over a system that must be replaced. They will not give way willingly to new ideas and a new reckoning with the economic and political crisis we now face.

I am not saying that we should push those responsible out of tall buildings to their deaths. I am not saying that. They will, if properly directed, do what is necessary to create another world.

But we do have to push them.

So writes Dan Hind, the author of the words you will find here.  I have posted his article, Jump!  You Fuckers! in the form of this blog because it’s the best explanation I’ve read yet of the economic and financial crisis; how it came about; and, most important, what we might want to put in the place of the system that is currently collapsing.  Dan wrote it so it would be read widely, and this site has been created with the same aim.  Please read on, and link away.

John Brissenden
Hampshire, United Kingdom
30 March 2009